Mt Monger North


Mt Monger North is Monger Gold’s current focus.

The project is highly prospective for gold, and an RC Drilling program is currently underway.

RC drill rig in operation at Mt Monger North in October 2021


The Mt Monger North tenement package is positioned within the Eastern Goldfields Province of the Achaean Norseman-Wiluna Greenstone Belt. The greenstone belt has been subdivided into a number of geological terrains including the Gindalbie Terrain, the Kurnalpi Terrain, and the Edjudina/Linden Terrains, which are separated by regional faults (Swager, 1995). The NNW trending Mt Monger Fault, in the south eastern portion of the holding, transects the project area separating the Gindalbie Terrain in the northeast from the Kalgoorlie Terrain in the southwest.

Geological map of Mt Monger North


At Mt Monger North, gold is primarily hosted in a series of steeply NW-dipping sheeted quartz veins within a doleritic host sequence (Wombola Dolerite) that exhibits various degrees of weathering. The gold-bearing quartz veins broadly trend NE-SW and range from a few centimetres to 40 cm in width.

Historical Exploration

Significant exploration has been carried out in the Mt Monger North tenements leading to the delineation of 17 prospects in three initial exploration target zones (Figure 4) which will be the focus of future investigations. Historical drilling coupled with fresh geological and structural insights into the Mt Monger North tenements indicate that it has considerable prospectivity for gold, nickel and possibly base metals.

The 17 prospects at the Mt Monger North tenements have been named Providence, Pitu, Divine, Prophecy, Avnei, Kess, Meld, Canasta, Rummy, Andromeda, Hyperion, Hoffmann, Lords, Rainbow, Impala, Mustang and Ludlow.

2021 RC Drill Program (ASX: 9 November 2021)

So far, results obtained from RC drilling at Providence have included:

MNRC001 3m @ 7.07 g/t Au from 14-17m including 1m @15.99 g/t Au from 14-
MNRC004 8m @ 16.15 g/t Au from 60-68m including 1m @ 111.4 g/t Au from 61-
62m and 1 m @15.01 g/t Au from 63-64m
MNRC007 8m @ 31.84 g/t Au from 66-74m including 1m @ 37.03 g/t Au from
68-69m; 1m @ 18.2 g/t Au from 69-70m and 1m @ 190.06 g/t Au from 70-71m

Recent vacuum drilling at Mt Monger North


  • In the third Quarter of 2021, the Company conducted geological mapping and data reviews for the tenement
  • In the fourth Quarter of 2021, the Company commenced an RC drilling campaign at the tenement
  • Strong news flow to be expected.
Metal detection over excavated dirt at Mt Monger North
Exploration projects adjacent to Mt Monger North and South